Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Let's get started!

Well things are pretty hectic right now and I am really exhausted but nevermind... here's my blog! Very creative I know, no one has ever done this before haha

I am from Quebec, born francophone but I speak English and Spanish too (studied Chinese, Latin and German but forgot most of it:(

Graduated from McGill University in Sociology/Political Science in 2005. Then I spent a year in France teaching English and travelling around (Italy, London, Spain).

Been involved in several eca - had my own radio show in cegep, wrote newspaper articles (mainly on current socio-political issues), volunteered with WUSC (Canadian refugee committee), etc. Also traveled a lot with my folks and by myself (DR, Mexico, US, Europe, Thailand, China).

I came back home last May and in exactly a week, I will be an English teacher in Seoul, South Korea. And here's my pre-departure favourite quote:

"Mieux vaut lire un homme que dix livres"

It's better to read a man than to read 10 books. I love this quote. Societies are fascinating and, to me, the world is a big giant lab! People observe as much as they experiment. And even though books are great references, it seems to me there's nothing like going through the experience yourself.

Indeed, it's so much more amazing to actually go on a trekking in Thailand, where you sweat, feel your throat burning, feel the red ants taking bits of flesh off your feet at night when you're barefoot and can't see a damn thing.

It's awesome to sleep in bamboo "houses", to see Mr. Tee effortlessly running up the hill (where you probably left your lungs back) with bananas he just picked up from a tree.

It's priceless when you see this old man who only speaks some local dialect but who has learned to say "I love you" in 20 different languages.

It's just wonderful to see how people live/think/eat/struggled/survive/etc. And to catch a spark in their eyes, a smile on their lips, or just to see, to feel that they exist.

So there you go, that's me. Well, at least what I do. As for who I am, i'm just 23 so still trying to figure that one out!