Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Fun for me

Tuesday was Teachers Day ! Yes my friends, being a teacher is celebrated in Korea! And believe me… I got spoiled with flowers, chocolate, tea, pencil case, agenda, Korean traditional fan, stickers, a pin and free tickets to the movies! Yeeeeeeah!

On Monday I met a friend for dinner in Gwanghwamun and we ended up having too many drinks and celebrating along Chonggyecheong – this beautiful stream downtown Seoul. I love that place so much. Went to bed at 4am and I was very thankful that I only teach at 3pm on Tuesday/Thursday. Oh yeah. I peed in Chonggyecheong too.

Things are going well and I only have 15 days left in Korea. It’s heart-breaking. This Saturday I’m having a party on my roof – watch out! A 16th floor roof in Seoul, with trees and flowers, and my going away party = …. Uh, just watch out ;)

I joined Facebook and it’s amazing to see what old friends have become. But I'm getting tired of it pretty quickly...

Marc ordered me my first Ibook so I’m thrilled. Aurélie got me tickets for a cool concert in Quebec City (

Pete is planning our road trip en Gaspésie! Patrice invited me to Edmonton. Bella invited me to Madrid. Patrick invited me in France and Cédric/Paolo might visit me in Quebec. And I’m sooooooo looking forward to seeing old friends when I get back home (Rosane! Nono! Janvier! Kev! JF! JC, Bergeron, Emilie, AndreaneS ;), Vero, les Brodeur ?????????)

And my brother and sister, boy I just can’t wait to see you!! Je vais yéller!

I’m looking for volunteer opportunities in Latin America. Most of my stuff here is already sold. A dude bought my pink couch for his dog. I’m not judging hehe

Today I had a blast with my students! They are my big chunk of love; I adore them more than chocolate! We took many random pictures and I thought I’d share a few.

Eddy is as wide as a sheet of paper!! He floats in his clothes and he is soooo adorable and smart! Every class he yells "teacher!!!!!!!!!" and won't quit until I help him unzip his crappy bag.

Julie always begs for me to pick her up. She is totally in love with me and I love her too! Plus she's my top student with a 99.8% average!!

Class at work!

Still not sure what was with that... the kids were obsessed with the big "Freedom" written on its chest.

Sophia showed me the ultimate sign of adoration when she gave me a comb... she always gives me that cute look that's impossible to resist!!

Korean kids go insane when it comes to stickers! So they have a sticker sheet and I give them one every class if they complete their homework. Stickers are also used as bribes to keep them quiet, ensure class participation and prevent them from speaking Korean. They're also good rewards!

As you've probably noticed, Koreans are obsessed with Caucasians. My students particularly enjoy staring at me and discovering my body - especially my hands and face.

And my feet!!!

Amy is always spaced out. So is Paul, who blissfully smiles when I snap my fingers next to his ear. Today he spent 40 minutes SMELLING his peppero (chocolate stick). The other kids ate the thing in a second.

Harry took most of these pictures. He's Korea's next greatest artist. He is so smart. Average? 99.6%!

Cobi always looks at me with a big smile and whenever I say something, he says "Yes! I understand!" He's my first ABC student to ask "May I go to the bathroom" when the other kids still struggle with the word Apple.

Average? 99.5%!

I had to put the flowers between those two because Charlie kept accusing Brian of cheating. The kids always make fun of Brian and accuse him of every single thing. The flower idea was good cauz they both laughed and forgot about it.

Remember Chandler in Friends? "Kids! Roll your way to child obesity!"

That's basically what Paul does, but look at his ankles... he's so skinny! This kid is a rebel but totally in love so last week when he heard it was my birthday he got me a gift. But he tried not to make a big deal out of it....

He "rolled" up to me in the hallway and said "here teacher. happy birthday" It was a funny prank he had brought to class the day before and I had laughed so hard when I saw it. He remembered. aaaaw so cute!

Time for Pisa after the big final test! An all-boys class and they're just lovely!!

John is the most interesting kid i've ever met. I love him so much! He wears shoes twice his size and baggy pants because his mom just got divorced and she want to save on clothes. He is nice to everyone and always smiles.

I’m sick of work. Sick of 5 minutes break. Sick of some people. Sick of city life. Sick of pollution. Of traffic jam. Of people in a hurry. Of hang overs. Sick of negativity. Of not knowing. Sick of mind games. Of temptation. I love Korea so much that I hate it. Doesn’t make much sense but Annabella you understand, right?

Fortunately those guys at the organic store by my place always yell a nice “hi girlfriend!” every time I walk by. It’s endearing, really.

Life is a wonderful gift!

Except when they put this giant ad at the end of the alley... believe it or not, the bright light reaches my 15th floor and gently prevents me from sleeping...

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