Saturday, May 12, 2007

The time is now

Fortune tellers are an important part of Korean culture. So are Chinese astrology and the four pillars - the Hour, Day, Month and Year of one’s birth, which contain some sort of esoteric code and have a positive/negative energetic influence on one’s life.

From time to time, Korean women will have a C-Section in order for their baby to be born at the exact date and time that is supposed to generate a genius. A second later might prevent the newborn from being the next Sejong Wang!

One of my housewives students is having marital problems. When she first met her husband, the fortune teller said that, according to their birth dates, the chance of them getting divorced was 100%. But they were so in love!

So they lied to each other’s parents. She told her mom his birthday was in June. He told his mom her birthday was in September. Of course both moms went to a psychic and were told that, according to the birth dates, the relationship would last. So they gave their blessing.

It’s ten years later and she’s giving up her beauty and liveliness… just waiting for her daughter to be old enough to handle a divorce. In ten years she’ll be fifty. The fortune teller was right... OR was it just a coincidence?

If you like spooky stories, there are tons of them over here.

A little girl was really sick. Her mom was so worried that she went to a psychic. She was told there was a spell on her daughter. Actually, it was meant for the husband but something had gone wrong in the process and the little girl was “paying for it”.

The mom was desperate. She bought a very expensive piece of paper on which the psychic wrote some Chinese characters intended to break the spell. She still carries it in her wallet. She showed it to me. A month later her daughter was cured and never sick again.

The only problem I have with such a belief is actually the same I have with Calvin’s theory of predestination: so there are no accidents? No twist of fate? Everything’s already planned ahead and supposed to happen?

If so, what about free will? What’s the point of me living my life? Is this just a big show to entertain some sick almighty?

I look at all those pictures, think about all those memories, recall conflicting emotions and I can’t help but think that I’ve just been very fortunate. People are lucky. People are unlucky. They make things happen for themselves.

In the end, aren’t we the ones making the decisions? As I get older, the line between “blame it on society” and “take responsibility for yourself” gets blurry.

Anyway. No matter what, even if life is fucked up, the best you can do is keep trying. Like Moloko sing – the time is now.

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