Monday, May 21, 2007

Roof fiesta!

Quick memo: I don't check this site's emails too often so pardon the delays!

So. Like Sarah said, "I'm so excited I could crap in my pants. Seriously."

Roof party turned out to be quite nice with friends, beer, pizza and a really nice view of Seoul. I especially enjoyed Pam grooving to Beck's "Debra" like there was no tomorrow!

Yuni (poor thing, for a while she was the only Korea speaking person there and she tried so hard to speak English!), Ben and me

Yuni kept screaming every time I went up that ladder and Twyla mentionned something about CPR...

Isn't that a nice roof? It's all set up for people to enjoy but they keep it locked, unless you bribe them 50 bucks and promise not to tell anyone... aaaah, corruption!

Sunset view from ma roof in Seoul! I ain't forgetting that one.

Erika and me and a beautiful sky.

Sunny and Ben. Yuni was in heaven to finally be able to speak Korean.

Vanessa got Twy "THE key!" I told her not to pose...

Pam and Erika.

Katherine, Yuni, Erika, Rachelle and Ben

Of course we ended up at Tinpan and I had a wonderful time with Katherine, Erika and Lourdes. I met really cool people and had a lot of fun until... 7 or 8am? I can't remember but the sun was up. All I know is that I woke up the next day at 5pm!

There were post-its all over my apartment begging me to come back to Korea next year. It totally made me smile.

I headed to the sauna just to relax and at least get out of the house. I love saunas. I even enjoyed the "massage chairs" - basically plastic balls hitting your back but I like to think it helps blood circulation...? ^^

As most of you already know, I lost my cell phone grrr not sure if it was in the cab or at the bar? My battery was dead so it's no use calling it. My 400$ Motorola Razr. Fortunately there's a silver lining: my addiction is over! I feel free. It's nice not to feel metal vibrating against my hip whenever someone feels like talking to me. And text messaging? Seriously? Now I must overcome my computer addiction... a hard one.

Today was a great one at work and it was hilarious to see all the teachers/staff walking as if they had been in a car accident or something... They met on Sunday to play kick ball... it's easy to see who works out hehe

Tomorrow morning i'm packing. I so don't want to leave so soon. Today again one of the guys at the organic food store chased me - this time, to give me free grapes. The "hello girlfriend!!" always brighten up my day... what will I do now?

I'm going home in 10 days and it's brutal! I still haven't figured out my plans for the summer, or even after, but i'm thinking 6 months of volunteering should be enough? I really think I need the reality-check, but I know i'll come back to Korea.

It's far, ajummas do cut in line and grab my butt, people are always in a rush, I do get stared at a lot, there is too much pollution and most men really are control freaks but... I love it here. The food is delicious, people are nice, I love the culture, the history, I want to learn the language, the kids are adorable, the city is so efficient...

Thursday and Friday are off so we're going to Deokjeokdo, the nice island close to Seoul. As for the week-end, I should visit the demilitarized zone and finish packing. My housewives are taking me out for lunch next week, it should be interesting.

I'm not ready for the 20 hour flight. I never am.

Once again, here are my lovely ABC students. Seriously. I love them more than chocolate.

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